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いろいろ: 続報っぽく見えるのは偶然のようなそうでないような

Dublin Offlines: チャーチ・オブ・サイエントロジー脱会者のつどい

Scientology church tries to destroy families, say ex-members


 もちろん話題の中心はChurch of Scientologyが信徒の脱退を防ぐために使う様々なテクニックや手段の話で、その中にはサイエントロジーに対し批判を行う人々への法的な圧力も含まれている。もちろんこの集会も例外ではないようである。

Many guests filing into the conference were filmed by two people outside the venue, the Teachers’ Club in Dublin’s Parnell Square.

Former Scientologist Pete Griffiths, the event’s chief organiser, believed it was a surveillance tactic by Scientology intelligence operatives and that similar conferences had been scuppered in the past through the church’s interference.


Tánaiste EAMON Gilmoreが同性婚へのサポートを表明

Tánaiste publicly backs gay marriage

 労働党のTom Johnson Summer Schoolでのスピーチで教会と国との分離について語ったイーモン・ギルモア副首相は、シビルマリッジについても支持を明確にした。今のところアイルランドの政府メンバーでは最も地位の高い支持者ということになる。


 画像にあるMarriage EqualityのTシャツにはCivil Partnershi is NOT marriage equalityの一文があるが、実際アイルランドのシビルパートナーシップと従来的な結婚制度との法的なギャップを橋渡しするかどうかは憲法上の問題になりうる。

Gay couple in new court challenge - The Irish Times - Wed, Jun 06, 2012

The new challenge, which is set to be heard in the High Court, will seek to test the provisions of the Civil Registration Act 2004, which marked the first time marriage was defined in Irish statute as between a man and a woman, and the Civil Partnership Act 2010, which prohibits people who have registered a civil partnership from marrying.

The Constitution does not currently include a definition of marriage, but includes a commitment to equality for all citizens.

“Civil marriage, building on the comprehensive civil partnership legislation, is the next incremental step in achieving equality for lesbian and gay couples," said the group's chairman Kieran Rose.

"While civil partnership provides legal protections equal to civil marriage in a wide range of areas, including in social welfare, taxation, inheritance and immigration, civil marriage is the only option that would provide for full Constitutional equality with opposite-sex couples,” he added.