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いろいろ: 高齢化とか


'I need my medical card . . . we want to live with dignity'

 ダブリンはBallymunにある家に一人で住む、80歳の年金生活者Annie Creanさんが来年度の予算についての不安を語る。動画付きだけど再生されねえ…

 現状週20ユーロの燃料手当は全てガス(メインの暖房器具にも使われる)の支払いに充てられており、前の11月から1月までの間だけで実に460ユーロを支払った。もちろん暖房が使える部屋は限られており、孫が泊まりに来た時にはbox room(辞書的には物置だが予備のベッドルームでもあり、日本の住宅で言うところのロフトに近いものもある)を温めてやるという。

“If they take that away, we’ll all be prisoners,” she says. “We won’t be able to leave our houses. I go out a lot . . . visiting. I’m in a heated atmosphere . . . on a bus.”

 年金やfuel allowanceもそうだが、交通手当の削減・廃止が特に不安らしい。

“The Government is always talking about the price of drink. The price of drink is not relevant to us. The price of the cheapest bread and the cheapest butter is.”


We’re living longer and the Government doesn’t seem to be able to cope with that




Dimitrios Tselios

In my country this pension (1000 euros per month) is considered quite high. Our average salary in public sector is also equal to this amount. We don't have any fuel allowance or something like that, the property tax for my house (about 100m2 and value 80000 euros) is 500€ but we are still alive. I don't understand the irish people. You think that you have crisis, but actually you don't have. (以下略)

What's else is your problem? You have foreign IT companies that invest huge capital in your country. You have a language that is spoken all over the world. Your population is quite young and well educated. Your public sector size is small. (以下略)





 というか日本少なッ(17.5%)!! あれだけ公務員の給料減らせ減らせってうるさかったのに…まあ、仕事の話をネットでしない上に少数だから叩きやすいというのもあるか。あと、公務員に限った話ではないが女性の少なさに若干引く。