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Political preference 'all in the genes'

 米ブラウン大のRose McDermott教授がAAASのボストンでの年次ミーティングでThe Science of Politicsと題したパネルディスカッションを行う。最近気になっているアレですな、遺伝子に左右される政治的態度の選好ってやつ。特に目新しい情報があるかどうかは…まあ見たところはなさそうな感じだけども。

Your distant relatives from generations ago might have been conservative about protecting their particular "in-group" and home, as opposed to striking out to follow a new path. Translating this into today's issues could mean you might also be conservative about reproductive rights, immigration or a willingness to go to war.


Brown expert to discuss the genetic component of political preference | Brown University News and Events