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「文句ばかり言われ我慢の限界」妻の首絞め殺害 : 社会 : 読売新聞(YOMIURI ONLINE)

妻の首絞めた男を殺人未遂容疑で逮捕「やることなすことに文句ばかりつけられ」と供述 妻は死亡 大阪・鶴見 - ニュース - ビジネスEX

気になる映画と本: We Are Monster、Nowhere's Child

Mubarek Amin: ‘My son was murdered by a racist’ | World news | The Guardian

Dublin woman found she was bred by Nazis for ‘master’ race

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Dear Christy. I’d go to your exhibition, but I’m in a wheelchair


Priest goes against his bishop to back 'Yes' campaign -