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オーストラリア総選挙2016: 与党が野党のメディケアに関するあれやこれやのキャンペーンについて何か言っている

Federal Election 2016: Labor Medicare scare campaign a stunt for votes


LABOR’S wild Medicare scare campaign has been exposed as a vote buying stunt after it emerged the Opposition is open to working with the private sector to make the institution more viable.

  いきなりwildときたもんだ(scare campaignはともかくとして、というかどっちかにせえよ)。そしてexposed、a vote buying stuntと続く。emergeしたとされる内容についてこれ以降はほぼ言及なし。最近ずっとこのセクションの記事を読んでる人間には自明なのかもしれないが、もうちょっと分かりやすく関連リンク付けるとかしろよ!!

A furious Malcolm Turnbull yesterday launched a blistering attack on Bill Shorten’s campaign, ordering Labor to stop calling old people at night and scaring them.


It came as Mr Shorten’s own health spokeswoman Catherine King yesterday conceded a Labor government would look to work with private I.T firms to improve Medicare.


The admission from Labor came as the Opposition Leader attempted to embark on a second day of trying to turn the election into a referendum on Medicare, despite Mr Turnbull clearly and repeatedly ruling out any changes.

A defiant Prime Minister yesterday gave a resolute guarantee that Medicare would “never be sold” as he labelled the scare campaign “the biggest lie” of the election.


Labor strategists believe creating fear over Medicare’s future is playing out well in the base and among undecided voters who make regular visits to the doctor.

 労働党のstrategistsって誰? そしてなんでbelieveみたいな言葉遣いができるの? エスパーなの?

“They have been ringing older Australians in the evening and frightening them — saying Medicare is going to be sold off; Medicare is going to be privatised,” he said.

 本当にそういうことあったんですかね…あったとしても一部なのでは? ここでも関連記事(仮にあるとして)へのリンクの欠如が胡散臭さを加速させていて残念。そしてよくある「サヨク」叩きのテンプレそのまんまでやや笑う(してもないことをでっちあげられた運動員は怒髪天だろうが)。

“It is the biggest lie of the campaign.


Mr Turnbull then gave an iron clad guarantee that his government would never sell the asset.

 an iron clad guarantee。これもしかして、書いてる人ターンブル首相嫌いだったりしませんかね…

Immediately after this, Mr Shorten declared the PM couldn’t be trusted.

The Labor leader, however, repeatedly failed yesterday to rule out any cuts to health or human services, including outsourcing back room functions to find efficiencies.


Mr Shorten was also asked, during a press conference at a medical centre in the Perth electorate of Swan, whether he would use the word “lying” to describe Mr Turnbull’s stance on Medicare.

  メディケアに民間企業を入れる可能性を排除しないのがfailedだそうで。そしてどうでもいい揚げ足取り的質問をいちいち取り上げる(もちろん、メディケアの民営化如何と同様、これもターンブル首相の"biggest lie"発言と対照関係に置く意図があると解釈できる)…ああ、なんかめっちゃTSUKARETA…