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メキシコ在住の写真家Barbara McClatchie Andrewsさん(74)殺害される

Canadian photographer killed by her driver, Mexican official says - World - CBC News


ダッカ人質事件の後拘束されていたTahmid Hasib Khanさん、釈放されるも捜査非協力の罪で起訴される

Family 'relieved' after U of T student held in deadly Dhaka café attack freed on bail - Toronto - CBC News

Tahmid Khan to return to Bangladesh court after acquittal on terror charges for 'lack of cooperation' - Toronto - CBC News



Toy smuggler risks life to bring hope to Syrian kids - Home | The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti | CBC Radio

 44歳のRami Adhamさんは17歳の時にアレッポを離れ、今はフィンランドに住んでいる。2か月に一度アレッポと周辺の難民キャンプを支援物資と学校運営のための資金を携えて訪れる際、3歳の娘の発案で子供たちに配るおもちゃを持ち込んでいる。最初は30kgだったが今は70kgにまで増えた。


But the leader who controlled the city over the past 50 years, this family, this one family, decided to go leaving nothing behind. Decided to destroy everything. And implementing exactly what his supporters are saying, either Assad or we will burn the country. [Speaking Arabic] It means precisely either you accept Assad or we will burn the whole country. And he brought to the country all world's evil, creating ISIS, you know, letting all these thugs and criminals from prison free, 2011, to later form ISIS. A perfect example on how to create a chaos in the country. And he did drive away world's attention on the real fight that he was going through against his own people, so he can prove his point and say I am fighting terrorists. ISIS to us is just the bad face of Assad. This is how it is. Unfortunately, they have villainized our revolution.