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カナダ: 最低でも5つの火災報知機があったにもかかわらず、1つしか電池が入っていなかったらしい下宿屋

Burned rooming house had multiple smoke alarms, only 1 with batteries - Hamilton - CBC News

カナダ: 電子たばこによる医療用マリファナ喫煙が制限されない法案、2人のマリファナ合法化推進団体代表者からの意見に基づいていた

Ontario's medical pot vaping exemption came from consultations with 2 people - Toronto - CBC News


イスラエル: 割高なコシャー認定料金

Israel in food fight over kosher licensing - BBC News (via B!)

カナダ: 北米最古を謳うBowmanville動物園、虐待スキャンダルののち閉園

Bowmanville Zoo closes today after animal abuse case against owner - Toronto - CBC News


HMS テラー、テラー湾で発見されさらに謎が深まる

'It just got much more complicated': Why the discovery of HMS Terror only raises more questions - North - CBC News

カナダ: トルドー政権の環境・先住民関連政策の遅れに抗議するIdle No More

Idle No More call on Trudeau to keep promises on Indigenous, environmental issues - Toronto - CBC News

 Graphic languageに注意ってあるけど、特にそんなのはないような…


'Taking it to the Grave': 28-year-old with terminal cancer plans performance art living funeral - Manitoba - CBC News


U.S. presidential debate: Trump denies actions he bragged about on 2005 tape - World - CBC News



Trump appears before debate with women who accuse Bill Clinton of sex crimes - World - CBC News

 夫は関係ないだろ夫は!! よしんば夫をかばうのは不見識と言わんとしたとしても、身内だし弁護士だしそんなもんだろうに…


Shelton was paid $2,500 by a political action committee founded by Trump ally Roger Stone, The Associated Press has learned. The May payment to Shelton by the Committee to Restore America's Greatness PAC, founded by Stone, was described as "contract labour" in campaign finance reports filed with the Federal Election Commission.

Asked by The Associated Press about the reason for the payment, Stone said in an email that Shelton "was extensively interviewed on video about her experience with Hillary Clinton and was paid for her time."

Shelton did not respond to a written request for comment left at her home in recent weeks by an AP reporter.

Stone is a former lobbyist for Trump, the GOP presidential nominee, and has boasted about his role as a bit player in the Watergate scandal. Stone served as a senior adviser to Trump's White House campaign in its early days. After separating from the campaign early last summer, Stone created a series of pro-Trump organizations. He has said he remains in direct touch with the candidate.

Stone has arranged to pay other women critical of the Clintons.

Earlier this year, Stone sought to raise money to pay off the mortgage of Willey, who accused Bill Clinton of making unwanted sexual advances toward her during her time as a volunteer in his White House in the 1990s. Stone claimed in an online video interview that Trump had personally contributed to the fund.

Trump's campaign has not endorsed Stone's political action committee, and has sent the group a cease and desist letter. The campaign has denied that Trump gave money to Willey's mortgage fund.

A company called WeSearchr said on Twitter that it paid for Shelton's trip to the debate in St. Louis. That firm was co-founded by conservative media figure Charles C. Johnson, an outspoken Trump supporter. WeSearchr says it crowdfunds research about rumours it believes are not being covered by news outlets.

Trump campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks said in an email Sunday that the campaign paid for Broaddrick's travel to the debate. "She was our invited guest," Hicks wrote.