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カナダ: ニコチン入り電子たばこをめぐる懸念

If Big Tobacco sells e-cigarettes, they'll 'recruit a whole new generation' of smokers: Public Health Ontario - Toronto - CBC News


カナダ都市部で初の非白人当選政治家、William Peyton Hubbardにちなんで命名された公園

New park honours groundbreaking black Toronto politician William Peyton Hubbard - Toronto - CBC News

カナダ: Chanie Wenjackの姉妹がSecret Pathプロジェクトにかける願い

What Chanie Wenjack's sister wants from Gord Downie's Secret Path - Thunder Bay - CBC News


Glenn Greenwald weighs in on WikiLeaks data dump on Clinton - World - CBC News


カナダ: オンタリオ州ケベックから安い水力発電の電力を買って節約に成功したが、市民に届く請求書はあまり安くならない

If you thought you'll pay much less with Ontario's new hydro deal, think again - Toronto - CBC News


How migration has enriched the UK’s booming food culture | World news | The Guardian (via B!)

カナダ: 病と闘う子供たちに戦争の比喩を使うのは不適切

Hospital fundraising campaign shouldn't use 'war as metaphor,' says U of O prof - Ottawa - CBC News


カナダ: 80年代のジェッツファンの悪夢

Gretzky and Kurri and Messier, oh my: Classic Oilers bring heritage of fear for '80s Jets fans - Manitoba - CBC News


As a result, every time the talented Jets faced the even-more-talented Oilers in a playoff series, Winnipeg went down in flames like Donald Trump in a debate.

カナダ: 両親が刑務所にいる子供を助けるエルモとクッキーモンスター

Elmo, Cookie Monster open arms to Winnipeg kids with parents behind bars - Manitoba - CBC News

中国: より厳しい新法に直面する非公式の教会

Prayers in the kitchen: Why religious groups fear a loss of freedom in China - World - CBC News

カナダ: PTSDに苦しむ救急隊員と退役軍人のために土地を提供する高齢カップ

Retired couple share acreage with unique PTSD refuge - British Columbia - CBC News


Vancouver's first LGBT wedding show champions inclusivity - British Columbia - CBC News


North Vancouver clothing company Peau du Loup, which specializes in designing traditionally masculine silhouettes tailored for women's bodies.

気になるドキュメンタリ: Call of the Forest

Manitoba-made film a love letter to the world's forests | CBC News


Denver and the allure it has for millennials | CBC News


What the WikiLeaks emails show, and why they haven't sunk Clinton | CBC News


University of Ottawa puts thousands of journals on the chopping block | CBC News

BC初のRepresentative for Children and Youth、Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafondが残すもの

Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond leaves complicated legacy | CBC News