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カナダ: Dennis Olandが裁判前の仮釈放に入る

Dennis Oland released on bail by N.B. Court of Appeal, pending retrial - New Brunswick - CBC News



Forensic isotope analysis points cold case investigation north to Canada - British Columbia - CBC News

カナダ: 最近のトランスジェンダーは幼いころからカミングアウトしている

Transgender kids coming out younger, experts say after judges ordered 4-year-old to dress like a boy - Calgary - CBC News

カナダ: ウォルマートは全く問題ない食物をパッケージに入ったまま大量に廃棄している

Walmart insider says 'heartbreaking' amount of food dumped in trash | CBC News


University of Calgary students and staff petition to rename hall after much-loved barista - Calgary - CBC News