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John Malkovich helps save man's life on Toronto street - Toronto - CBC News


ジョン・マルコビッチ、ケガ人を助ける | チケットぴあ[映画 映画その他]

"I asked, 'What's your name?' He said, 'John.' And I didn't ask the last name 'cause I didn't figure I'd remember it anyhow," he said.

Quinn said after it was all over "Malkovich turned and thanked me. I thanked him. We couldn't shake hands, I was covered in blood. He was just off, didn't want any attention. He's a gentleman and a compassionate person."

 灰色の男(cf. Immediate Action)すなあという感想。まあ、本人が周囲に印象付ける個性は薄いのが性格俳優というものなのかもしれない。