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カナダ: "赤いスカーフ"で非難を浴びる議員

Richmond MP regrets wearing 'communist' scarf at flag raising event - British Columbia - CBC News



"We don't think you represent the city of Vancouver or the values that we believe in," said Meena Wong, a former Vancouver mayoral candidate, at the rally.

"When I saw the flag and then the red scarf, it was a trigger for me ... it brought back a lot of painful memories," said Wong, who was born in China and grew up during the cultural revolution.

"My family being raided by the red guards, I was beaten in school by youth wearing the red scarves. So you can imagine what it was like."


Air Miles、取らせる気のない報酬を設定している疑惑

'I don't believe it': Why Air Miles collectors still have trust issues - Business - CBC News

気になる本: The Star Man

The Star Man review: A glorious unknown hero of the revolution



Women and the death penalty in Ireland

気になる本: Paisanos: The Forgotten Irish Who Changed the Face of Latin America

Paisanos review: The Irish who helped bring freedom to Latin America

 前々から気になっていた、南米で足跡を残したアイルランド系(+Richard Wall)についての本。著者は歴史研究者だけど割と読みやすいらしい。

カナダ: 渇水で甘くなったオンタリオのリンゴ

Apple orchards in eastern Ontario experiencing 'weird, wonderful flavours' after drought - Ottawa - CBC News

カナダ: TTC、'サブウェイ・ガード’の廃止で赤字削減を図る

TTC starts running single-operator trains in cost-saving measure - Toronto - CBC News


気になる本: Solar Bones

On Solar Bones: An Irish novel consisting of a single sentence is, in its own way, inevitable



4 Canadian part-solar flying machines sold to Africa - Business - CBC News


Khan family speaks out after Trump claims army captain 'would be alive today' if he were president - World - CBC News